Review: In his Hollywood Bowl debut, Matthias Pintscher lends some snap to Stravinsky

Matthias Pintscher
Los Angeles Times

By Richard S. Ginell

Composer and conductor Matthias Pintscher is already a name in new music circles.

He is the music director of Paris’ Ensemble InterContemporain, which puts him directly in the line that started with founder Pierre Boulez. His latest album with the group, “New York,” is a two-CD roundup of works by forward-thinking New York residents past and present, opening with a superb rendition of Varèse’s “Intégrales.” And in 2020 he will be the music director of the Ojai Music Festival, which guarantees him a free hand for adventure.

With all this in mind, one place you might not expect to see Pintscher would be in the vast, populist realm of Hollywood Bowl. But there he was Tuesday night, weaving to and fro on the big screens, leading the Los Angeles Philharmonic in a program that celebrated a forward-thinking past resident in the hills not far from the Bowl.


Pintscher procured a fine performance from the L.A. Phil, with plenty of fire in the agitated episodes and a suitably grand finale.

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