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Jennifer Koh’s ‘Alone Together’: Hear About The Project Pairing Together Young And Experienced Composers

From All Things Considered on GBH

By Arun Rath

“I remember I met Angelica Negron for the first time — on Zoom — learning her piece, and she was telling me how, it was so horrific, she was just watching Instagram videos of these two dogs who play with balloons. And so her piece is called “Cooper and Emma,” and it’s based on these two dogs who play with balloons on Instagram. So I think we can kind of see how everybody processed that period. And it’s helpful, because I think it was — I think, now, looking back, we realize that there are so many systemic inequities, and I think because most of the composers who were commissioned were either people of color, non-binary or non-gender conforming and women, it was interesting meeting them because I could literally see the systemic inequities when we were speaking and learning about what they were going through at that time.” -Jennifer Koh

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