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Joshua Roman Commissioned by the ProtoStar Group to Compose a Musical Journal

ProtoStar has commissioned noted American cellist and composer Joshua Roman to compose a Musical Journal of our shared experiences during the Coronavirus pandemic. The Musical Journal will seek to capture this unique moment in history and will be showcased in a World Premiere. The date and venue of the World Premiere, as well as the artists who will perform the commissioned work with Roman, will be announced at a future time.

“Joshua is not only a world-class cellist, but also a remarkable composer,” said Gary P. Poon, President of the ProtoStar Group. “I am intrigued by his ability to seamlessly incorporate many different musical styles and convey a broad range of human emotions in a compelling manner. His compositions express the quintessence of what it means to be human.”

“The intensity of emotion, change, and reflection that has come about because of the global crisis we are currently experiencing is like nothing I have ever imagined,” said Roman. “I am incredibly grateful to Gary and the ProtoStar Group for giving me this opportunity to shape my time and actions in a way that faces these challenges with meaningful artistic values. I hope to honor the suffering, resilience, and hope of others around the world through creating and sharing this Musical Journal in real time, with the knowledge that the through line of this project reflects our experiences as individuals yearning for connection and understanding.”

Roman is given complete artistic freedom to compose the Musical Journal, which will consist of short pieces for the cello. “We are taking the old patronage model and modernizing it,” Poon added. The cello suites will initially be in the form of audio recordings and later transcribed into written compositions. “Part of what makes this commission so exciting – and contemporary – is that Joshua will be sharing some of the pieces in real time. He will be using his creativity to tap into how others are feeling during this pandemic and vice versa.”

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