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Mason Bates

Mason Bates launches “Curating the Concert Experience” for The Kennedy Center

Kennedy Center composer-in-residence Mason Bates presents an exploration of the process of Curating the Concert Experience. In this mini mini-series, Mason takes viewers on a journey in three parts—Programming, Production, and Platform—sharing his unique perspective and insights.

Bringing classical music to new audiences in new ways is the goal of Mason Bates’ innovative activities as a curator. His eclectic stylistic appetite, eye for production and stagecraft, and DJ’s zeal for local outreach and promotion have made a major impact on the institutions and communities where he has worked.

“Curating the Concert Experience explores the ways we experience music in the 21st Century, from string quartets to club shows. As composer-in-residence of the Kennedy Center, I have been inspired by the huge variety of spaces in the Center and the different ways we can animate them. In addition, my work as a DJ has highly informed my approach, and my classical-club show Mercury Soul has exploded the ways musicians are staged and information is relayed.” –Mason Bates

Watch here.