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Asher Fisch

Acclaim for Asher Fisch’s recording of Tristan und Isolde with the West Australian Symphony Orchestra

“The orchestra here are special because of their obvious knowledge of, and attention to, the drama of the piece. They play like a pit orchestra rather than a symphony orchestra, always listening, always colouring, creating and then running with Wagner’s emotional temperature. Much of this seems due to their years spent with Asher Fisch”

“there is a continuous and credible newness about this performance. It feels like a first-time adventure to all in the best sense. That is undeniably due to the commitment and input of Asher Fisch on the podium, with a performance that keeps pace and heartbeat”

Opera Recording of the Year
“Asher Fisch has been nurturing and honing the West Australian Symphony Orchestra into a classy ensemble, culminating in this gala event for its 90th anniversary…The orchestra cover themselves with glory; supple strings, superb winds and solid, well-blended brass. Fisch shapes the whole with a firm grasp of the architecture; a lithe and supple reading. Its refreshingly clear textures illuminate the work from within.”
Limelight Magazine