Opus 3 Announces Major Expansion of our Vocal Department Through the Integration of Magnum Opus Artists’ Full Roster of Over 40 Artists

Magnum Opus Artists’ Founder Nathan Wentworth Joins Opus 3 Artists as
Vocal Department Senior Vice President

Caroline Woodfield, Opus 3 Artists’ Current Senior Vice President will Transition to
Consultant Starting in April 2024

Opus 3 Artists (Opus 3) today announced the integration of independent artist management firm Magnum Opus Artists’ (MOA) staff and artists into its vocal division beginning January 1, 2024.

Starting in April 2024, Caroline Woodfield will transition into a consultancy role, actively involved in the department’s expansion through the end of 2024, as Nathan Wentworth assumes full-time leadership of the division. Additionally, MOA artist manager, Trevor Newman, returns to Opus 3 as artist manager. Closer ties will also be developed with Opus 3’s sister company in London, Askonas Holt.

Woodfield’s admiration of Wentworth and MOA’s work dedicated to nurturing and developing the careers of young and experienced artists led to conversations that have made possible the integration of MOA’s roster and staff into Opus 3.

“Caroline Woodfield has been integral to the success of Opus 3 for many years, and I am delighted that we are building on her legacy for the generation to come,” said Donagh Collins, Chief Executive, Askonas Holt & Opus 3 Artists. “I’m thrilled that Nathan and Trevor have accepted our invitation to join Opus 3 with all the artists on the Magnum Opus roster – they are respected, open-hearted artist managers and we welcome them to our family. I will support them to ensure that all artists at Opus 3 will have the resources they need from our Alliance, enhancing their careers and pursuing the wonderful opportunities ahead.”

Opus 3 is committed to continuing to invest in its vocal department, building on its current strengths and a team including Vice President Liesl Kundert. Opus 3’s vocal roster includes artists such as Stephanie Blythe, Anthony Roth Costanzo, Christine Goerke, Brian Jagde, Christian Van Horn and Francesca Zambello. Its long-held reputation for excellence has been established and maintained under the leadership of Woodfield. Artists represented by MOA include Nicholas Brownlee, Joshua Guerrero, Leah Hawkins, Duke Kim, Philippe Sly and Tamara Wilson.

“This is an exciting expansion plan. I am very pleased to welcome to the team Nathan Wentworth and Trevor Newman,” said Woodfield. “I am extremely grateful to my colleague of over 20 years, Liesl Kundert, that the list that we have built together will remain in her good hands.”

“We are honored to become a part of Opus 3 Artists and remain proud of the achievements of our incredible clients during a time of such significant change,” said Wentworth. “As we work to build on Caroline’s unparalleled legacy and foundation, we look forward to working with Liesl and Opus 3 to expand into new opportunities, reaching new audiences around the world.”

Opus 3 is part of an alliance headed by the San Francisco Conservatory of Music which includes sister artist management company Askonas Holt and recording label Pentatone. Partner organizations share a common mission to increase the impact of music in the world and to change the nature of how artists, students, patrons and audiences interact with one another.