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Review: Giancarlo Guerrero Triumphs in Frankfurt

From Online Merker (translated)

Review: Frankfurt Opera and Museum Orchestra-Guerrero; Bouchkov (violin) (Khachaturian, Ravel, Rimsky-Korsakov)

By Dirk Schuss

“With impulsive power and clear gestures, Guerrero unleashed colorful fireworks, which were heartily performed by the highly animated Frankfurt Opera and Museum Orchestra…[Bouchkov] was well supported by the once again magnificently triumphant Frankfurt Opera and Museum Orchestra, conducted with a fiery hand by Giancarlo Guerrero. The audience was enthusiastic and was thanked with an encore by Eugène Ysaÿe. Again great applause from the auditorium…Once again, Giancarlo Guerrero was completely in his creative element. A charismatic conductor who allowed the orchestra to play courageously without constantly being asked to exercise restraint. Balanced in the choice of tempi, Guerrero emphasized rhythm and colour. The orchestra was able to unleash itself in powerful tutti concentrations and inspire enthusiasm in the difficult solo contributions. The Frankfurt Opera and Museum Orchestra was in a good mood and shone with great performances from all sections. Theatricality and tonal sensitivity abounded. Visibly impressed, the orchestra thanked its rousing guest conductor with whole-hearted applause. An inspiring concert with an outstanding violinist and a fascinating conductor, who the Frankfurt Opera should definitely secure for an opera production.”

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