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Jessica Vosk makes her sold-out Carnegie Hall debut

Jessica Vosk, the dazzling singer and actress known for her work on Broadway and beyond, made her spectacular debut at Carnegie Hall on November 8 in a solo show entitled My Golden Age. The sold-out evening of music and stories featured works from Stephen Sondheim to Leonard Cohen, from Linda Ronstadt to Pink and featured special guests Kristen Chenoweth, Pentatonix’s Scott Hoying, New York City Ballet’s Sara Mearns and more.

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“It’s not about the talent, either… although there are times when Jessica Vosk sings that you find yourself wondering how a sound so beautiful, so perfect, so pure could exist in real life. You may actually feel your heart being lifted out of your chest and carried away by sheer force of nature during the Vosk performance of JRB’s “Another Life” from Jessica’s Broadway bow THE BRIDGES OF MADISON COUNTY. You might, very well, find that heart cleft in two by the interpretive skills in Jessica’s “Back to Before” by Ahrens/Flaherty, as, hot tears running down your face, you witness musical storytelling at its very best. You could succumb to the tidal wave of talent before you as the woman you spent the last seventy minutes getting to know reveals that she isn’t just a singer and an actor – she is a supremely gifted songwriter debuting her own composition “Walking In My Sleep” in a breathtaking performance featuring soulful and stunning harmonies with Rosen. You definitely would come away besotted by an epic medley of pop songs that, interspersed with monologues, chart the progression of bizarre Bear Mountain-informed first dates that led Jessica to true love. When a tearful Jessica reads a letter to her six-year-old self about staying true to herself and her dreams, the die is definitely cast. You have been Vosk’d. Yes, the Vosk talent is transparent, and ardor for the actress is in order. But it is easier to love someone when you feel love from them, and love rolls off of Jessica Vosk like the four thousand layers of material flowing from her ball gown last night. Jessica leads, at all times, with love, and it shows.”
Broadway World

“It was the type of night most people can only dream of — a celebration of talent, success, and staying true to yourself — all happening in the spotlight of one of the world’s grandest and most fabled stages.

How did this happen? To the 2,800 person, capacity crowd gathered in the hall, it was easy to understand. Not just because much of the 100-minute show, titled “My Golden Age” was about Vosk’s journey — growing up in Clinton, leaving her investor relations finance job and following her dream of performing — but mainly because she has a big voice and an even bigger personality, both of which envelop you immediately.

Last month, Carnegie Hall re-opened after being closed for 18 months, and the cheers on that October night were rapturous. The raucous standing ovation that greeted Vosk as she took the stage was even wilder. Since her big break three years ago when she took on the role of Elphaba in “Wicked” on Broadway, Vosk has built a devoted following — many of whom travelled into Manhattan Monday to be in attendance.

What they witnessed was a solo debut that was poised and personal. Sure, she’s got plenty of moxie and North Jersey swagger to boot, but in both her patter and performing Monday evening, she let down her guard and let the audience feel close to her.”