Nathan Gunn Conquers Camelot

Nathan Gunn

“The crossover hit of the evening is opera star Gunn…This is what the Broadway musical of the Golden Age was built upon: the power of a first-rate love song delivered by a first-rate voice. With his strong baritone, good looks and abundant stage presence, Gunn could easily take 45th Street by storm.”

“You will seldom hear a more ardent, confident and stylish account of “If Ever I Would Leave You.” He looked appropriately dashing and seemed utterly comfortable, conveying the character’s development from a pompous French aristocrat enamored of his physical perfection to a selfless knight caught between love for his king and yearning for his queen”
The New York Times

“Indeed, this Camelot proves that Gunn is not only more than a pretty face; he is one of the new breed of opera singers who can actually act. …Gunn's Lancelot proves, rather shockingly, to be the emotional fulcrum of an otherwise unbalanced triangle”
Theater Mania

“…"If Ever I Would Leave You," goes to the second male of the musical's love triangle, Lancelot. I'll bet no one has sung it better than Met Opera baritone Nathan Gunn does here.”
New York Post

The New York Philharmonic’s performance of Camelot was broadcast on PBS’s Live From Lincoln Center on May 8, 2008. For more information about the performance and to find out when the performance will air again on your local PBS channel, please visit