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Oliver Herbert Releases Debut Album – “Frame of Mind: Fauré and Janáček”

Oliver Herbert and Xiaohui Yang’s recording of the cello sonatas by Gabriel Fauré and Leoš Janáček’s Pohádka (Fairy Tale) is due for release on June 12th, 2020 on all digital streaming platforms. This marks Oliver’s recording debut, an ambitious independent project in collaboration with audio engineer Drew Schlegel, producer Ronaldo Rolim, and visual artist Jeong Im Yi, creator of the original artwork for the album cover.

Fauré: Sonata for Cello and Piano No.1 in D minor, Op. 109
Janáček: Pohádka (Fairy Tale)
Fauré: Sonata for Cello and Piano No.2 in G minor, Op.117

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“I have always felt a connection to the way sound can inspire our visual sense, and the pieces on this album do just that—by perpetually blurring the boundaries between reality and impression. Both Fauré and Janáček’s music is otherworldly, yet profoundly human. Constantly searching and reinventing itself, the sound of these composers is filled with extreme contrast. However, the way their music unfolds and evolves makes the lines between these contrasts seem wonderfully organic… like a consequence of pure thought or emotion. My hope is that listeners will be taken by surprise, finding themselves on a journey within their own minds. This album was dreamed up with the goal of creating a musical environment in which something special is waiting in every corner. As my recording debut, it was very important for me to create an experience which inspires the senses, and sets a tone for what’s to come in the future.”
-Oliver Herbert

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