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Ocean Maestro: Rupert Gregson-Williams Discusses Aquaman…

From the DC Comics Blog

By Tim Beedle

Do Atlanteans listen to music? If they do, what would it sound like?
Until a future Aquaman sequel (or musical spinoff) provides us with a more direct answer to that question, one suspects the best person to ask may be Rupert Gregson-Williams. As the composer behind Aquaman’s much discussed score, it’s doubtful that anyone’s thought more about Atlantis and music than he has. Of course, Arthur’s underwater kingdom is just one aspect of the DC blockbuster that required music to accompany it. Gregson-Williams also had to write themes to accompany two different love stories, a globe-trotting search, massive underwater battles and one of the most infamous super-villains in the DC Universe.

It’s never easy to craft a memorable superhero score, let alone one for a movie as far-ranging as Aquaman. The fact that Gregson-Williams managed to create one that successfully stokes emotions while sounding both retro and otherworldly is a heroic undertaking in its own right. We recently had a chance to ask Gregson-Williams a few questions about how he pulled it all off. Turns out that even in Atlantis, a good score is all about how it makes you feel.

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