Two debuting artists are 'a joy to watch' at symphony's performance of Tchaikovsky

Ruth Reinhardt, Alexi Kenney
Omaha World-Herald

Reinhardt was a joy to watch leading the symphony. Her hands and baton commanded the music with surgical precision. Despite her impassioned accuracy, her face and movements were buoyant and gleeful. She brought a fresh and unique energy to the ensemble. […] The title piece of the concert, Tchaikovsky’s “Symphony No. 5 in E Minor” finished the evening’s program […] The execution was impeccable. The Omaha Symphony received an immediate standing ovation at the conclusion of a night full of great musical voyages. 
The concerto was an inspiring melodic frenzy. Kenney supplied a daunting amount of the material for the piece as the violin soloist. Particularly in the first movement, the orchestra seemed at times to be merely interjecting exciting musical commentary around the vast and swirling solo passages that Kenney performed. […] Kenney made this monster of a piece seem easy.
Kenney and the orchestra received an immediate standing ovation, which prompted Kenney to perform Romanian composer George Enescu’s chamber piece “The Minstrel” as an encore. The encore was unsurprisingly captivating and athletic. Kenney has a manner of playing with his instrument in a state of a statuesque focus, while his face and body seemed to dance and play in the music. A second standing ovation followed the encore. Read the full review here