LUTOSLAWSKI; DUTILLEUX Cello Concertos (Moser)

Johannes Moser

Few of the concertante works premiered by Mstislav Rostropovich enjoy repertoire status. Among them, the concertos by Lutoslawski and Dutilleux were not only written concurrently but have been coupled often since the Russian’s pioneering accounts more than 40 years ago.

Johannes Moser maintains a keen focus over the eventful trajectory of the Lutoslawski – ensuring absolute poise over those flights of fancy that constantly throw the soloist’s rhythmic precision off-kilter before the sardonic entry of the brass; which latter permeate the cello’s speculations during the fractious exchanges of the ‘Four Episodes’ that follow. Many performances rather lose momentum in the Cantilena but Moser neither falters nor sells short this music’s rapt eloquence prior to a looming unison chord on lower strings which launches the finale. Here a violent confrontation is graphically characterised, the Berlin Radio Symphony delivering a pulverising response so the soloist’s desperate final gasps seem more than usually affecting.
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