Storm Large delivers sassy and sublime at Tucson’s Jazz Festival

Storm Large

Storm Large and her band, Le Bonheur, delivered a bold and memorable set of songs during “Jazz in January” second night at the Fox Theatre on January 13. Many attendees who were unfamiliar with Storm’s magic were mystified and surprised by the power of her performance.

Storm Large is her real name by the way. She took the stage wearing a trendy long black dress with an exaggerated plunging neckline and a slit in the front, below the knee black boots and gold embellishments on her wrists and around her neck. The set started with an explosive “Call Me Crazy” from her album, Crazy Enough. 

Storm has evolved from being a rock singer to singing the great American Songbook during her career. She still sings rock. She pens and sings her own original material, music from rock singers of the past as well as the American songbook. No matter which musical road she takes, her performance is zany, gut wrenching and strong.

One cannot review Storm’s show without mentioning her raunchy banter between the songs. (You could, but that would be boring.) There is nothing off limits when it comes to her raw language. Her banter delves into the lower half of the female anatomy at times and it is wicked and funny. She is reminiscent of Bette Midler in her early days. She has the vocal chops and the comedic timing of the ‘Devine Miss M.’
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