Musician's passionate journey through Buenos Aires

Sarah Chang

By George Webster

Since her debut with the New York Philharmonic at the age of eight, Sarah Chang has grown through the weight of expectation to become one of the world's great violinists.

Now aged 31, Chang was born in Philadelphia to a composer and music teacher of Korean descent. She first dabbled with the piano at the age of three, before opting for the violin a year later. By five she had been accepted into New York's prestigious Juilliard School for Performing Arts.

By her own acknowledgment, the world of grand orchestras and opera houses that she has so long inhabited can be "very formal" and "exclusive." This perhaps goes some way to explain her choice of destination for her "Fusion Journey" challenge: Buenos Aires.

Here, in the hot-blooded Argentinean capital, she would meet with local band "Orquesta Tipica Andariega," to learn first-hand the sensual and mysterious art of tango.

During her visit, Chang was challenged to produce a fusion of sound that blended the traditions of Western classical music with tango's emotionally raw and folksy heritage. She says that the process has given her performance a new-found sense of intimacy that she's carried ever since.

In her own words, Chang tells the story of her Fusion Journey. (Read more

Original story posted May 7, 2012