Miró Quartet's Transcendence Out Today

Miro Quartet

On September 1st, in celebration of their 20th year, the highly acclaimed, internationally touring Miró Quartet is parting ways with their record label and taking the reins of their musical career with a unique move that will give people everywhere an opportunity to experience their music for free.  

Throughout September, the quartet will offer downloads their latest release, Transcendence, a recording of Franz Schubert’s masterwork String Quartet No. 15 in G major, D. 887– at no cost to the public along with free streaming of their Emmy-award winning documentary about the project—directly from their new website. But they are not stopping there. 

For $10, fans can also download four additional albums in their catalogue —and then “play it forward” to a music educator or school music program of their choice, giving them access to Miró’s recordings for free. It is a nod to the importance of music education and the increasing role technology plays. This 1:1 concept is one which stems from the quartet’s appreciation of its fans and a desire to expose more people to classical music through online sharing—as well as a nod the man that made the project possible, benefactor David Fulton.  

Adding an education and interaction element to the project, Miró Quartet has also announced “The Miró Quartet Transcendence Education Contest.” This contest challenges school music programs and music educators to submit a 30 second video on the transcendent power of music education to potentially win a Miró Quartet appearance and master class to be held at their onsite location.   

Interested parties are invited to view the website for full contest details at: www.miroquartet.com.

Stream Miró's music and documentary, download Transcendence now here.