Critical Acclaim for MASKARADE from the Danish National Symphony Orchestra conducted by Michael Schønwandt

Michael Schønwandt
Gramophone and The Times (London)


"…If you're only familiar with the dark, often tragic Nielsen of his Symphonies  Nos 3-5, the greater will be your surprise that this composer could have authored so fluently a kind of operatic musical with an unstoppable flow of tunes and continuous fresh surprise in harmony and rhythm…It feels absolutely right as well that Schønwandt's conducting refers to but does not linger over the beauties of scoring in the famous Act 2 Preludeor stress overmuch the weight of more symphonic-like passages."

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"…here's a cast (led by Johan Reuter and Niels Jorgen Riis) whose singing brings the comedy to life under the expert baton of Michael Schønwandt. Enjoy two hours of top-notch light music and brush up your Danish in the process."

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