Gramophone talks to Jon Kimura Parker


What's your definition of fantasy?

It's a combination of things. The word is used by composers to say 'I'm not writing a sonata' - there aren't those structural expectation. But, especially with Schumann, it's the idea of the world of imagination and fairy-tales. And then there's the way Liszt wrote his opera fantasies, where he took several themes from an opera and created a virtuoso display to show off the pianist. I wanted to portray as many different kinds of fantasy on this recording as possible. 


It's an unusual choice among pieces by Schubert, Mozart, Schumann and an arrangement of Cavalleria rusticana...

I've always been uncomfortable with the expectation that musicians should be specialists and not acknowledge other types of music. In concert, I've been playing jazz encores after Beethoven concertos for years - every once in a while it upsets someone, but that's me. I've started touring with Stewart Copeland from The Police and we've been taking music by classical composers and then coming up with something different I love the opportunity to do that and I think that having a wide variety of interests makes me play Mozart better. 
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