BBCSSO/Pintscher review - atmospheric novelty plus a modernist swirl ****

Matthias Pintscher
The Guardian

City Halls, Glasgow
The composer/conductor Matthias Pintscher brought together works by three of his close friends - and a 20th century titan

By Kate Molleson

Suave and fastidious, the German composer/conductor Matthias Pintscher has been artist-in-association of the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra since 2010. He has been seen less in Glasgow since he became director of Parisian new-music bastion Ensemble Intercontemporain last season, but here he was back with classic Pintscher fare: a trio of atmosphere-heavy new works by close friends, plus a titan of 20th-century modernism.

Pintscher’s conducting typically prioritised fluidity and sheen, and all praise to the deft clarity of the BBCSSO’s fearless players. It’s not easy to make Boulez sound this effortless.

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