Critical and Presenter Acclaim for DIAVOLO | Architecture in Motion®


“Boundary-pushing, often dangerous performances…[with] an intensity of focus, training, and mechanical precision.” – Oregon ArtsWatch

“DIAVOLO dancers are athletic...and fearless…” – Oregon ArtsWatch

“Cathartic.” – Oregon ArtsWatch

About Jacques Heim:
“When it comes to geometric shapes, Jacques Heim is obsessed.” - Fjord Review

About L’Espace du Temps:
“…the work is nothing short of dazzling.” - Fjord Review

About Foreign Bodies:
“…these are samurai courtesans by way of The Hunger Games…” - Fjord Review

“Performing astonishing feats of balance, strength, and agility, all while maneuvering the massive metal sculpture from cube to bridge, to pyramids...” - Fjord Review

About Fearful Symmetries:
“Sumptuous partnering and genuine emotion punctuate the work.” - Fjord Review

“The performers’ outstretched arms beckon—and find—consolation amid chaos.” - Fjord Review

“Breathtaking…[with] all moves nailed, Olympian-style.” - Fjord Review

“Heim’s E-ticket ride on steroids, where shifting tableaux variously resemble urban apartment dwellings, Stonehenge, and a zany scene from Charlie Chaplin’s Modern Times.” - Fjord Review

“Backflipping off the…columns? No problem. Hop-scotching off the monoliths? Why not!” - Fjord Review

“At the core of Symmetries, though, lies an authentic humanity, with couples coming together, smooching and even neo-Lindy Hopping...” - Fjord Review

“Such is the synchronic nature of the dance that the performers become one beating heart, one solitary pulse, yet connected to a vast universe, both unknown and unknowable.” - Fjord Review

About Fluid Infinities:
“The trilogy’s most dancerly piece.” - Fjord Review

“[A] spectacularly morphing scenario, action painting of beautiful bodies, [and] Einsteinium world of physics made fleshly.” - Fjord Review

“For 20 years, DIAVOLO has been Los Angeles’ wild child, a company of daredevil dancers leaping and cavorting on pitching wheels, Goliath walls and other playground equipment from a super-sized Wonderland.” - Los Angeles Times

“…his latest piece, Transit Space, is his most thoughtful and expressive, a creative tribute to him, this cast of 10 --his choreographic collaborators -- and the slew of designer-engineers who help make magic happen.” - Los Angeles Times

Transit Space has an infectious rock soundtrack (from veteran composer Paul James Prendergast) and a hip, contemporary vibe, thanks to its street-clothes costumes and the loose way the dancers hang about the stage.” - Los Angeles Times

“Most significantly, the dancers are people in “Transit Space”…It's a youthful spiritual journey that's front and center, from troubled aloneness to a still-questing, but supportive community.” - Los Angeles Times

“The focus is on the dancers, who by using their bodies, become freer -- skittering up, sliding down and throwing themselves into the void. Too, they spent more time with feet on the ground, where they impressed with inspired duets of contact improvisation and intricate hip-hop solos.” - Los Angeles Times

“A running voice-over, written by Steve Connell, expressed plainly the signposts from fear and pain, to taking risks for love. Omar Olivas, Anibal Sandoval, Ashley Nilson, Chisa Yamaguchi and Shauna Martinez were standouts among a universally outstanding cast.” - Los Angeles Times

“ DIAVOLO's latest work, Transit Space, which has its west coast premier at the Broad Stage [tonight], may just secure [Jacques Heim]’s cultural prominence within the Los Angeles zeitgeist.” - KCET

Trajectoire is vintage DIAVOLO, a quick-paced and astonishing feat of strength and fearlessness. With this cast – and particularly with Martinez’s soulful female Sisyphus – defying gravity doesn’t just look easy. It feels like the human spirit, ever enduring.” - Los Angeles Times

“[DIAVOLO] proves brilliant at making precisely coordinated feats look improvisational, even reckless.” - Los Angeles Times

“One of those rare events that define the art of this city when the levels of vision and support are equally exceptional.” - Los Angeles Times

“Maybe art -- concert dance -- can help brace us against whatever war, pestilence, storm and injustice have in store.” - Los Angeles Times

“[DIAVOLO] define[s] the art of this city…To say Diavolo is exciting is redundant.” – Los Angeles Times

“Jacques Heim's locally based DIAVOLO again proved that its brand of iconoclastic movement might very well be the dance bridge to the 21st century.” - Los Angeles Times

“…unstinting energy and the ability to dance on any surface, whether horizontal, vertical, titled or tubular.” - Los Angeles Times

“The show establishes Artistic Director Jacques Heim ‘as a creative force in the community, someone with both a compelling vision and the ability to inspire others to uncompromising performances.” - Los Angeles Times

“If human energy could be bottled and used to power our towns and cities, an evening of “dance” with DIAVOLO would supply untold kilowatts of perfect light. Exciting and exhausting, these 11 performers push and pull, jump and jam, run and roll, slide and slip over and under and through various architectural forms.” – SDTHEATER REVIEWS

“I have long admired Jacques Heim’s company…Dancers interact in bodily conversation with each other and with inanimate structures to create a language of dramatic movement beyond easy definition…The operative word [is] ‘interaction,’ and the result [is] thrilling.” – LA Weekly

“DIAVOLO is epiphany in motion…distinguished for its mix of dance...and martial arts, often working on large, fantastical props.”- Long Beach Press-Telegram

“DIAVOLO has been called ‘the NFL of dance’ for its seriously athletic, often high-risk performance style. These dancers and gymnasts tumble, leap, and toss their bodies around with spectacular speed and daring.” – San Diego Union-Tribune

"[Heim] has a[n] intellectual structure that elevates his dances from gee-whizzery to thought-provoking pieces of theater." - San Diego Union-Tribune

“Leaping, flying, and spinning, the DIAVOLO…appears to defy gravity. Performing with astounding athleticism and infinite grace…” – Stanford Lively Arts

“Heart-stopping swan dives by dancers from on high into the waiting arms of sure-footed partners.” -
New York Times

“DIAVOLO combines organized peril with drama and mordant wit.”- New York Times

“…a straightforward playfulness with props and physicality that elicits cheers from the audience.” – New York Times

“Heim puts his feel for props, his knack for kinetic drama and his taste for danger in the service of a metaphor, and the result is dazzling.” – Newsday

“DIAVOLO is not your mother’s dance company!...DIAVOLO delves into the more subliminal angst of our technological age.” – The Joyce Theater, New York

“Creating poetry from motion…Mixing the human form and technology.” – Dallas Voice

“A mesmerizing meditation of the nature of the physical world.” – Dallas Morning News

“World class: exacting choreography. Elegance, power, beauty with the thrill of danger, a special way of dancing…” – Hannoversche Allgemeine, Germany

“DIAVOLO weaves together an impressive selection of works that reflect a clever use of architectural engineering and the playful yet powerful athleticism of its performers.” – Ottawa Citizen