Critical Acclaim for Christopher Rountree

Christopher Rountree

 “The orchestra led by Christopher Rountree … made the audience feel as possessed as the protagonists.”
Heidi Waleson, The Wall Street Journal

“All the performances, led by Rountree, were exceptional, the ensemble turning on an astonishing stylistic dime. This group really has come a long way — technically, intellectually, emotionally and technologically. ...on Saturday night, the future of classical music – of all music – seemed in the right new hands.”
Mark Swed, The Los Angeles Times

“Elegant clarity.”
Corinna da Fonesca-Wollheim, The New York Times

“Searing. Penetrating. Thrilling.”
Fred Child, APM’s Performance Today

“The performances all evening were impressive both technically and for their unabashed spirit. Rountree punches out rhythms as if they were going out of style. He emphasizes outsize emotions. He could probably get an audience to dance to the slowest movement Shostakovich ever wrote.”
Mark Swed, The Los Angeles Times

“Christopher Rountree, wild Up’s Artistic Director, conducted with infectious enthusiasm... It was magnificent.”
Mark Swed, The Los Angeles Times

“polymorphously effervescent”
Out West Arts

“Whether or not wild Up is the future is for the future to know. But this much is certain: It works. If I ran the school district, I’d hire this collective to propagandize for classical music to every high school in the city.”
Mark Swed, The Los Angeles Times

“Insightful programming.”
Mark Swed, The Los Angeles Times

“Rountree has ideas but demonstrates less ideology. ‘We play it as long as we love it’ is the wild Up motto. Better still, accomplished and accommodating instrumentalists, many finishing advanced conservatory degrees play it as though they love it. A lot.”
Mark Swed, The Los Angeles Times

“A new music edge that refuses to soften... There was attitude. There was intonation too.”
Mark Swed, The Los Angeles Times