CD Review: Le Bonheur

Storm Large
Midwest Record

By Chris Spector


STORM LARGE/Le Bonheur:  The wild thing about Large’s career is you could throw a rock at a random target and have it hit something she’s done and accomplished. A pal of the Pink Martini gang, there’s a whole lot more to Large than retro chic, and this record tries to cram it all in at once.  A veteran of just about any performing you can think of, Large goes so far as to close this set in a duet with the real Von Trapps.  Nu pomo?  Who knows what you can call Large and her sound other than untamable.  Rod McKuen, Lou Reed and Hy Zaret all on the same record?  Christ almighty, reality show manqué could learn a thing or three just listening to this once.  Wild stuff that’s a wild ride from start to finish.  Well done.