Garrick Ohlsson closes Portland Piano International's season with mesmerizing recital

Garrick Ohlsson
Northwest Reverb


By Rita Kuzmickas

The last work on the program, Chopin’s Piano Sonata No. 3, emitted a lighter energy in slight contrast with the relatively moody Griffes and Scriabin. What seems to be the true essence of Garrick Ohlsson’s artistry was most prominent in his performance of the Chopin Sonata: a total honesty. This honesty is what makes an Ohlsson an indestructible artist in the sense that illusions and impressions in his playing are non-existent and therefore cannot be torn down. Even when it comes down to admirably refusing to perform a piece when the honest and completely reasonable sentiment is that “ is what happens when you have other plans,” Ohlsson leaves no room for obscurity in his brilliance.

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