People Talks to Rosanne Cash

Rosanne Cash
People Magazine

By Gillian Telling

Your new album is once again produced by your husband, John Leventhal. Does it ever get tricky working with your spouse?
Early in our relationship, we took everything personal in the studio. Now we play to each other's strengths and don't point at each other's weaknesses. But we still argue! I don't often win. He's incredibly bossy, but he's a producer, and they're like that.

Two of your five children are musicians. Do you all jam together?
Sure, all the time! Right now I've got six guitars, a bass, a piano and an amp in my living room. We have a very wide musical palette in this household. My son introduced me to hip-hop!

You've helped to restore your dad Johnny Cash's childhood home in Dyess, Ark. Will it be a museum?
Yes, but not like Graceland! We're opening this year. I wanted to get involved not only because it would have been important to my dad but for my kids' sake. They should know where they came from. As a kid I was like "Eh" when my dad took us, but when you go back to where your parents came from in midlife, it means something.