Fairfield students are fans of 'FROGZ'

Imago Theatre
The Hutchinson News

By Malyssa Depperschmidt, Fairfield Middle School

On Feb. 25 the Fox Theatre held a performance of Imago’s “FROGZ,” an amazing performance in which several acrobats perform in a series of shows. This act leans more toward young kids, but adults enjoy it too.

The kids loved the show. When interviewed, the students revealed that the frogs were the most popular act with 29 votes out of 100; in second place were the penguins with 28.

Mrs. Julie, from Union Valley, said she would come back to see another show, and her favorite part was the paper bag. Haley, also from Union Valley, said she liked the whole thing. She would also like to see another show.

After the show, everyone said they had liked it.The frogs were good! Fairfield would love to see another show!

Johnathan Smith and Lane Pike
Fairfield Middle School

There were a lot of amazing creatures at the Fox Theatre on Feb. 25 during the Imago’s production of “FROGZ.” There were lizards that glowed and crawled into the audience. At the beginning, the frogs were staring at the audience and then started jumping around. Everyone in the audience laughed. Later, the penguins played musical chairs.

After the show, the audience members were very excited. Alexis, a third-grader from Union Valley, loved the frogs. Kala, from Partridge, loved the baby part. Sage, from Graber, also liked the frogs.

There was a lot of laughing when the penguins came on stage and played musical chairs. Zach, a teacher from Central Christian, thought it was colorful and interactive. Everyone said they would want to come back. The Fox Theatre is a fun place to go! The architecture is beautiful. When and if you ever go, you will have a lot of fun.

Hannah Richardson and Brianna Wright
Fairfield Middle School

The Fairfield Middle School Newspaper class went to the Fox Theatre to see Imago’s “FROGZ” on Feb. 25. The students really enjoyed it, and there was laughter throughout the show. Students attended from several area grade schools and home-schools.
Included in the show were many interesting animals like alligators, lizards, frogs and a “larvabatic.” During some of the acts, the creatures came down into the crowd and children screamed with excitement. Fairfield’s favorite act was the penguins. In this act, five human-sized penguins played musical chairs. They joked around by stealing each other’s chairs and cheating during the game.

While waiting for the buses, students were talking about the show. Most of the students liked the penguins the best; the frogs were their second choice. Two students from Union Valley Elementary said they both liked the show and would like to come back. Talan from Wiley Elementary said, “I liked the caterpillar (larvabatic) because it was cool and funny!”

The next event at the Fox Theater is a movie called “Rush,” shown Friday and Saturday at 7:30 p.m. and Sunday at 2 p.m. Buy one ticket for five dollars and get another one free.

Hallie Wilson and Faith Williams
Fairfield Middle School

On Feb. 25, the Fairfield Middle School newspaper class went to a stage production called “FROGZ” at the Fox Theatre in Hutchinson. “FROGZ” consisted of a few skits: the frogs, lizards, cat trapped in a paper bag, penguins playing musical chairs, the orbs, the accordions and the paper ninjas. After the show, kids were telling everyone about the show. It sounded like they all loved the show.

Madison, a second grader at Union Valley, said her favorite part was the ninjas. Her least favorite part was the frogs.

Mrs. Whitsitt, a teacher from Wiley Elementary, said her favorite part was the frogs. She didn’t like the baby very much.

Leia, a fourth-grader at Central Christian, said her favorite part was the frogs, and her least favorite part was the penguins.

Trinity, a third-grader from Union Valley, said her favorite part was the ninjas, and her least favorite part was the frogs.

Miss. Juenemann, a teacher from Fairfield, said she thought the penguins were funny; the baby was creepy. Hannah, a seventh-grader from Fairfield, said the frogs were her favorite part, and the paper ninjas were her least favorite.

Faith, an eighth-grader from Fairfield, said her favorite part was the penguins, and she didn’t like the paper ninjas.