German Radio Philharmonic Orchestra New Year's Eve Concert Reviews

Caroline Goulding

New Years Eve program full of surprises
Concert of the German Radio Philharmonic at the Fruchthalle

DIE RHEINPFALZ- Pfälzische Volkszeitung, 02 January 2014
By Reiner Henn

The New Year’s Eve concert at the Fruchthalle showed convincingly how it is possible to fill a traditional concert program with new content without changing the actual theme and character. The German Radio Phiharmonic Orchestra Saarbrücken-Kaiserslautern (DRP) expanded the usual Pasticcio at New Year’s eve with excerpts from opera and operetta by adding a sought after instrumentalist: The American star violinist of the new generation, Caroline Goulding, came, saw and conquered. The moderator did not promise too much at all: This artistic exception, this fiddling bundle of energy from the Unitate States literally sparked a firework of artistic brilliance when playing the bravour piece by Saint-Saens. One did not know what to admire more: the tonal excellence of the 1720 built Stradivari with the wonderfully bright, fine and singing tone or the incredibly high quality of the spirited and in all playing and interpreting concerns sovereign and catching soloist. The violinist plays with full effort of her body: everything is in movement, with charm and grace and she seems to be connate with her instrument. She even takes pleasure out of the folk-like compilations with “Alt-Wiener Tanzweisen” by Fritz Kreisler with brilliant and swinging sound effects.

Sounds of elegance and heart’s depth
Formidable SWR 4 New Year’s concert with the German Radio Philharmonic Orchestra with works from Verdi to Strauss

Allgemeine Zeitung Mainz, 03 January 2014
Von Viktoria Seibert

The orchestra caught the audience with its brilliant tone, flexibility, mutability, technical sovereignty and acustic elegance noticeable in both solo as well as tutti parts. The renowned soloists of the evening brought the same qualities to the stage: Susanne Bernhard with her warm and sparkling soprano sound, tenor Benjamin Bruns with vigorous lightness and the exceptional 21-year-old violinist Caroline Goulding on her Stradivari with perfect technical skills and highest musical empathy. Both of her bravura pieces, “Introduction and Rondo capriccioso” by Camille Saint-Saens and “Liebeslied und Liebesfreud” by Fritz Kreisler she, who seems to be a creature out of a fairytale with her violin, played highly spirited and at the same time out of the depth of her heart.