Laugh-In With Yo-Yo Ma

Yo-Yo Ma
The Buffalo News

If Yo-Yo Ma ever gets sick of the cello, he can be a stand-up comic. He has the charm, the low-key delivery, the whole shtick.

At the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra's season-opening gala Wednesday night, Ma sauntered out on stage before his performance just radiating an egalitarian sense of fun.

"Has anybody seen a cello?" he cracked, gesturing toward the empty space next to the podium where he would shortly be performing. "This is so embarrassing," he added.

He then said his job was to speak for the Argentinian composer Osvaldo Golijov, whose concerto he was going to be playing. To "channel" him, he joked.

"I don't look Argentinian," Ma said. "But I could be."

Exiting the stage, shortly to return, he paused to shake the hand of a nearby musician. 

Stopping to gladhand! We love this guy!

In Yo-Yo Ma's honor, every soloist this season should come out before the concert to do a little stand-up.

It should be a requirement!