365 Album Project: Béla Fleck – "The Impostor"

Béla Fleck

The Basics: American banjo master Béla Fleck ventures back into classical composition and performance on The Impostor, a collaborative work featuring two of Fleck’s original three-part pieces. The first piece, “The Impostor Concerto, For Banjo and Symphony Orchestra,” was recorded live in Nashville, Tenn. at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center with the accompaniment of the Nashville Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Giancarlo Guerrero. The second piece, “Night Flight Over Water, For Banjo and String Quartet,” was recorded with the Brooklyn, N.Y.-based string quartet Brooklyn Rider.

Key Track: The whimsical opening section of  “Night Flight Over Water, For Banjo and String Quartet,” “Tumbledown Creek” is reminiscent at times of the theme to The Simpsons, but also demonstrates why Fleck is simply the best at what he does.

Best Time to Listen?: Look, this is probably the one classical album I’ll listen to this year but I’m thrilled to add it to my stash of classical records for when those fleeting moments of high art come calling.

Worth a Second Spin?: If you like or even just tolerate classical works this is a must hear for the purpose of listening to profoundly talented musicians interact in profoundly interesting ways.