Review: Edwards & Sibelius Violin Concertos. Adele Anthony with the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra/Arvo Volmer

Adele Anthony
Finnish Music Quarterly

I’m not sure if Austrailia and Finland are literally antipodean; even so, they could hardly be much further apart. So two violin concertos from different sides of the world could make an effective contrast.

And in the event Ross Edwards‘ 1988 concerto Maninyas (a word he invented to suggest a kind of dance-chant) proves an ideal foil for the Sibelius: it is bright, rhythmically buoyant, basically optimistic in outlook, setting off the dark and introspective violence of the Sibelius – which gets a cracking performance here, both from the soloist and the orchestra, with a freshness and a directness that makes you forget that you’ve listened to it countless time [sic] before. That’s quite an achievement in such frequently contested repertoire – 119 recordings at the last count.