Praise for Mike Daisey's "The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs"

Mike Daisey

"I will never be the same after seeing that show."
— Steve Wozniak, Apple co-founder

"Mike Daisey, in addition to providing us with a riveting, hilarious, but ultimately gut-wrenching piece of theater, may actually end up being singularly responsible for bringing Goliath to its knees. After seeing "The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs," you will never look at your glowing screen the same way again."
— Michael Moore, Filmmaker

"Hilarious and provocative...
one of the indefatigable raconteur's most tightly constructed, passionate and socially engaged monologues."
— San Francisco Chronicle

"Daisey fuses the high-voltage nerviness of standup with a muckraker's sense of gonzo of the most incisive pieces of political theater in ages."
— San Jose Mercury News

"A theater piece every Apple fan should see."
— Cult of Mac

"Sharp and miraculous...I haven’t laughed so hard in months."
— SFWeekly

"A passionate performance about the dark side of the tech evocative and frightening tale."
— Marketwatch

"Hilarious and sobering."

"He's the voice of witness...relentlessly truthful and unexpectedly hilarious."
— The Hindu, Chennai, India

“A monologue of cutting-edge brilliance, tremendous pathos, and deep intellectual insight carefully calculated
to shock audiences that demand the latest technology
at the lowest prices.”
— Huffington Post

“Brilliant, unexpected, and unorthodox...Daisey urges us not just to game the system, but to jailbreak it.”
— East Bay Express

“Passionate, hilarious, and heartbreaking.”
— Culture Vulture

“In this thoroughly entertaining but slyly provocative monologue he opens our eyes so that we have no choice but to see clearly where our products actually come from.”
— The Idiolect

“Blisteringly funny, icily penetrating…hands-down Daisey’s most effective performance yet. You will never look at your iPad or MacBook the same way again.”
— Washington Post

“A ferociously entertaining, often harrowing narrative.”
— Washington City Paper

“Mike Daisey’s most complete, most layered, most complex, most uproariously disturbing monologue to date…Daisey is less an actor or memoirist and more a crusading journalist, taking risks that few journalists are willing to take in order to bring us the thoughts and experiences of the people who make our electronics.”
— DC Theatre Scene

“Daisey doesn’t preach…he shares our burden and grief. When you walk out of the theater, you’ll be illuminated by more than the glow of your LED screen.”

“Sardonic and startlingly truthful.”
— Roll Call

“Impassioned and agonizingly brutal…he brilliantly juxtaposes Jobs’ and Apple’s history with the high cost of our addiction to low cost electronics.”
— DC Examiner

“A commanding performer, he dominates the room despite never leaving his chair. If you crave first-rate theater or remain a loyal Apple consumer, you ought to see The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs.”
— Fine Young Things