Grant Park Orchestra review: George Li plays Chopin brilliantly

George Li
Chicago Tribune

For though the pianist lucidly articulated the fundamentals and subtleties of Chopin style — the performance practices that Chopin’s music demands — Li continuously surprised listeners. The way Li shaped phrases, the moments he chose to slightly hold back a tempo (or briefly rush ahead with it) and the voicings he brought forth on the keyboard were distinctly and autobiographically his own. At age 22, he sounded as if he has long lived with this piece. ... »

Review: Powerful Mahler, virtuosic Tchaikovsky enliven an Aspen Must Fest weekend

The Aspen Times

Conductor Patrick Summers, no stranger to matching orchestras to the great singers of the world, brought it all together in this final song of Mahler's hour-long work, written between his eight and ninth symphonies. De Young and tenor Richard Smagur alternated the six songs. ... »

East and West Meet in Music@Menlo’s “Budapest”

Calidore String Quartet
San Francisco Classical Voice

Playing chords in high-speed unison, the Calidore formed a mad machine, then broke apart buzzing into hurried cross-conversations, huge gulping glissandos, and ghostly dances. ... »