CD Review: Two x Four

Jennifer Koh
Strings Magazine

"The sheer artistry and the depth of knowledge that Jennifer Koh and ... Jaime Laredo bring to this project is outstanding."

"Throughout, and especially on the Ludwig, the two violinists work in unison to create a force that is much larger than the sum of the parts."

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Ben-Hur, Silent No Longer

Stewart Copeland
Listen: Life With Classical Music

If you still think of Copeland as the progressive drummer for the seminal rock band The Police, that’s so “four operas ago.” His second act as a film composer and performing-arts collaborator — which began auspiciously with his work on Francis Ford Coppola’s Rumble Fish — has been unfolding for thirty years.

Copeland’s most recent project is a live scoring of MGM’s 1925 silent epic Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ, which premiered Holy Saturday this spring at Norfolk’s Virginia Arts Festival. The next performance will take place October 14 with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

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A Classical Take on Classic Rock

Maya Beiser
The Wall Street Journal

It seems likely that "Uncovered" (Innova), the new recording by cellist and composer Maya Beiser, will be the only classical record this year that starts with the lyrics "Hey Hey Mama/the way you move/gonna make you sweat/gonna make you groove."

The words are from "Black Dog," a song written by John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin and a big hit for the band in 1971. The Zeppelin repertoire isn't new to Ms. Beiser; she covered "Kashmir" on her previous recording, "Provenance" (Innova, 2010). But "Uncovered" is the innovative cellist's fullest foray into the repertoire of classic rock and blues. The recording features Mr. Beiser's take on works by Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, Howlin' Wolf and seven other essential tracks. She will tour the material starting next Thursday in New York.

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