'Basetrack Live' moving, disturbing theater

Miami Herald

Late in Saturday night’s performance of Basetrack Live the actor Tyler LaMarr, as the traumatized veteran A.J. Czubai, told the audience at the South Miami-Dade Cultural Arts Center something that went to the heart of the power and discomforting revelations of this show.

 In a post-show discussion, several said how moved and grateful the show left them. “Sometimes it’s very hard for us to explain to our families what we went through,” said one veteran, who seemed close to tears. “Thank you for that.”

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Stewart Copeland will tackle chamber music at Clowes

Stewart Copeland & Jon Kimura Parker & Co
Indy Star

In the 29 years since the Police disbanded, [Stewart] Copeland's work has included being a member of all-star trio Oysterhead (with Phish guitarist Trey Anastasio and Primus bass player Les Claypool) and writing music to accompany a 1925 silent-movie version of "Ben-Hur."

With his current project, the classical-themed "Off the Score" quintet, Copeland refers to himself as "an untamed beast, with little regard for formality."

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Johannes Moser Signs as Exclusive PENTATONE Recording Artist

Johannes Moser
Pentatone Music

Cellist Johannes Moser has signed with the acclaimed Dutch label PENTATONE as an exclusive recording artist. His first release under the new deal will be of the Dvorák and Lalo cello concertos, recorded with the Prague Philharmonia and conductor Jakub Hruša. The album, in SACD and as high definition download, will be available in September 2015.


Johannes said, “With PENTATONE, I believe I have found the right partner - one with whom I share the same artistic beliefs.  I am looking forward to recording the major concerto repertoire with a team that also strives for excellence without compromise when it comes to sound and performance. I am excited about this signing and the music we will create in the future.”

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