CD Review: Two x Four

Jennifer Koh
Strings Magazine

"The sheer artistry and the depth of knowledge that Jennifer Koh and ... Jaime Laredo bring to this project is outstanding."

"Throughout, and especially on the Ludwig, the two violinists work in unison to create a force that is much larger than the sum of the parts."

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BBC Prom 18, BBC Philharmonic Orchestra/Mena, review: 'dubious'

Alexandre Tharaud
The Telegraph

Ravel’s Concerto for the Left Hand starts at a similar depth, with its unfathomably low contra-bassoon melody crawling out of a depth of double-bass. But really we’re in a different world, tinged with nostalgia and jazz as seen from Paris, and it was clear both players and conductor felt at ease in this more human ambience.The build-up from that opening poses a tremendous challenge to the pianist, who has to strike a tone that’s noble and intimate at once. Alexander Tharaud pulled it off, and later in the cadenza found a wonderful range of colour and feeling. ... »

Yuja Wang talks to Living the Classical Life

Yuja Wang
Living the Classical Life

“Life—and music and what I do—has to be intermixed, has to be together, or else I feel like I’m not alive.”

In an unusually intimate portrait, Deutsche Grammophon recording artist Yuja Wang speaks of her life and work, demonstrating by musical examples throughout—including a delightful rendition of an Art Tatum arrangement of “Tea for Two." She describes her musical aspirations in contrast with audience perceptions, the value of practicing and not practicing, learning and relearning a piece, and the importance of struggle for musical results.

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