Mike Daisey, surprise, surprise, has a lot to say about Donald Trump

Mike Daisey
The Washington Post

Still, the free-floating, incredulous contempt suffusing “The Trump Card,” recalling the comedically sophisticated musings of an in-the-know satirist of another era, Mort Sahl, is in itself welcome at this unsettling moment. Because, more than anything else, what we all really want to do is vent. ... »

Calidore String Quartet: Restraint & Passion

Calidore String Quartet
The Millbrook Independent

At the third and last of three Hudson Valley Chamber Music Circle concerts, Calidore String Quartet, a young ensemble who just won the $100, 000 chamber music M-award from the University of Michigan, performed at Bard’s Olin Hall. Previously from Los Angeles, they are currently artists-in-residence at Stony Brook (SUNY). They also perform for the Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center.

Calidore opened with Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s String Quartet in D major, K.575. Adept at entrances and exits, they smoothly communicated intimate unity. I admired the elegant performance, yet thought that it was somewhat cautious, safe, and restrained. My friend David came up with the more appropriate word: “refined.”

They next performed Sergei Rachmaninoff’s only string quartet, a posthumously published piece. Rachmaninoff had composed it as a student studying under Tchaikovsky, whom obviously influenced the piece. Rich in melody, the piece was intensely lyrical, poetic. The third movement concluded with wry, self-mocking humor, which evoked laughter from the sophisticated audience.

... »

The Silk Road Ensemble Interprets Dunhuang through Spontaneous Live Music

Silk Road Ensemble
The Iris

The medieval Silk Road connected Europe and Asia for a thousand years through trade. In the 21st century, the Silk Road Ensemble does the same through music. Founded in 2000 by cellist Yo-Yo Ma, the Ensemble is a network of 20 performers from Iran, Japan, Switzerland, the US, and countries in between, playing instruments as varied as viola (from 16th-century Italy) and pipa (from ninth-century China). In the same spirit, their concerts and recordings embrace both centuries-old melodies and contemporary compositions.

Musicians from the Ensemble are visiting the Getty this spring and summer for two-day residencies that are part research retreat, part public engagement. The musicians explore the exhibition Cave Temples of Dunhuang, exchange ideas about music and art with the exhibition’s curatorial team, meet with local students and teachers, and finish with spontaneous public performances across the Getty Center. Capping the summer, the musicians will unite to perform a live score for the silent movie Cave of the Silken Web on August 24, as well as for a concert with Yo-Yo Ma at the Hollywood Bowl on August 21.

Each musician also chooses a replica cave that particularly speaks to him or her, and offers a short pop-up concert to be filmed and shared online. These videos will be published on The Iris as they are edited and released. ... »