Bridging the Gap

Jennifer Koh
Strings Magazine

About three quarters of the way through our phone conversation, celebrated violinist Jennifer Koh, speaking from her apartment in New York City, feels she owes me an apology. “This interview is turning out to be really long—I’m sorry I’m going off on all these tangents,” she says. “But sincerely, all these projects come from a very organic place.” 

Koh’s personal and career “tangents” are in fact fascinating, creative, and important, and need no excuse. But they do need some explanation, and exploration of their origin in her heart and imagination. 

Her “Bridge to Beethoven” project currently has Koh touring with pianist Shai Wosner, programming Beethoven sonatas and new works created as a link to those sonatas. This “came up as a kind of question about identity,” Koh explains. “I’m Korean-American, and I didn’t come from a musical family. So how is it that this art form, which is largely credited as Western European, is a visceral and compelling mode of communication for me?”

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Vienna Boys Choir
Tickets and Information

One of the world's oldest and most revered choral groups, the Vienna Boys Choir, will perform Christmas in Vienna at Carnegie Hall- Isaac Stern Auditorium on December 13, 2015 at 2pm. Tickets can be purchased by calling 212-247-7800 or click here for tickets and information.  ... »

The Dallas Opera Announces Contract Extension to 2022 with Emmanuel Villaume

Emmanuel Villaume
Dallas Opera

The Dallas Opera is pleased and proud to announce contract extensions for its two most senior leaders: General Director & CEO Keith Cerny, and Music Director Emmanuel Villaume.  Both contracts have been extended to June 30, 2022.

Music Director Villaume, now beginning his third season with the company, will conduct three productions each year.  Maestro Villaume will also continue to work closely with the general director on season planning, as well as their ongoing efforts to bring the world’s finest performing artists to North Texas.   Mr. Suellentrop went on to say, “Music Director Emmanuel Villaume has accomplished a great deal in his first two years with the company.  In addition to conducting several outstanding productions, he has made Dallas his musical home; using his considerable intelligence and charm to forge extremely positive relationships with the community, our Board, and our supporters.  We are incredibly fortunate to have Maestro Villaume as our Music Director, considering the constant demand for his services from the world’s leading opera companies and symphonies.” ... »