“Unrestrained joy – The Ensemble Philharmonix exudes wild enthusiasm in every tone.”


“Philharmonix dazzles audiences by mashing up songs, styles, and talent…The crowd received the unconventional performance very well, finding the humorous spirit infectious…True to their motto, the Philharmonix delivered a fun night. The songs were catchy, the mashups cleverly executed and the musicians’ style left something for everyone and gave interesting spins on old favorites and well-worn classics.”

The Daily Star (Beirut)

“The combination of Viennese and Berlin top musicians delighted in the Tonhalle on the one hand with their wit and sophistication and on the other with the superior level of the players. The fact that Brahms’s “Hungarian Dance No. 1” was supplemented by a trip into Hungarian folk music could surely be in the intention of the composer. After all, he also brought his own creativity and discovered folklore together. But not every violinist can be play the cadenzas as brilliantly as Noah Bendix-Balgley did—far from it. One hears indeed where the musicians come from…The members of the ensemble also understand improvisation. There is no lack of ideas. Bach’s C major Prelude can be accommodated differently than Gounod practiced it at the time. Here it was associated with the “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen for a change. A combination of Kalinka, Tchaikovsky and “Sabre Dance” is offered as well. If you did not believe that a typical salon orchestra line-up could also make Benny Goodman titles swing, then you are shown otherwise here.”

Daniel Ottensamer (Clarinet)
Noah Bendix-Balgley (Violin)
Sebastian Gürtler (Violin)
Thilo Fechner (Viola)
Stephan Koncz (Violoncello)
Ödön Rácz (Double Bass)
Christoph Traxler (Piano)

Philharmonix brings ­together three members of the ­Vienna ­Philharmonic, two Berlin Philharmonic soloists, one of the most versatile ­Austrian pianists and an improvising and singing violinist for a deliciously heady cocktail of ­classical, jazz, klezmer, Latin, even pop music… and yes, good old fun. With their ­signature blend of the “highest philharmonic ­quality and ­unrestrained joy of music-making” ­(Kurier, Austria), Philharmonix are ­synonymous with ­entertainment.

Classical music is not supposed to be fun, right? And yet, every Philharmonix concert is a living, grooving, finger-snapping testament to the ­contrary. Surprise! Classical music at its most refined can be a jolly good time for everyone. This unique ensemble’s sophisticated sense of ­humor allows them to move seamlessly from the sublime to the ridiculous and back again, taking the audience along for a ­madcap ­roller-coaster ride. The ensemble has already performed with great success at Hamburg Elbphilharmonie, Berlin Philharmonie, Vienna Konzerthaus, Munich ­Herkulessaal, and Philharmonie Luxembourg among other prestigious venues. Their debut CD “The Vienna Berlin Music Club Vol. 1” with Deutsche ­Grammophon has been released in February 2018 and was awarded the ‘Opus Klassik Award’ in October 2018.