“At a time when symphony orchestras ­nationwide are trolling for audience ­magnets — the type of new material that can lure members of generations X & Y along with older subscribers — Bates just might have that bait.”

The Los Angeles Times

“…one of the most exhilarating and energetic fusions of live electronica with classical music anywhere.”

Knight Arts

Composer/DJ Mason Bates’ Mercury Soul engages a new generation of music-­lovers through ­performances combining classical ­music and electronica in ­alternative venues with ­immersive stagecraft and elaborate ­production. Mercury Soul premiered at San ­Francisco’s famed Mezzanine club in 2008, bringing over 1,400 people to experience a unique combination of ­imaginative stagecraft, ­substantive ­programming, and engaging electro-­acoustic ­interludes linking DJ’d and classical sets. This successful launch was followed by the San Francisco Symphony inviting ­Mercury Soul to curate several After Hours events at Davies Hall, performances in San ­Francisco’s bustling club circuit, at New World Symphony’s Frank Gehry-­designed hall, in the Atrium of the Kennedy Center, and at a warehouse party with members of the ­Chicago Symphony Orchestra, demonstrating that ­Mercury Soul adapts to the venue and the ­ensemble. Mason Bates also offers ­specialized educational opportunities through Mercury Soul ­EDUCATION, which exposes high-school students to the beauty of classical music through educational ­outreach and underage-friendly events at local clubs.