“Final Symphony II is another resounding success, contributing to a cross-section of video game music and classical music that is still begging to be further explored. […] The recording and performance is of the high quality that we’ve come to expect from the team, with great clarity for the soloists.”

Game Music Online

“Playing perfectly under the rousing baton of Eckehard Stier, the orchestra interpreted the compositions of the Japanese composers brilliantly. Even those unfamiliar with planet Gaia and the Lifestream couldn’t help but be touched emotionally by the music, such was the perfect, jubilant finale.”

Westdeutsche Zeitung

“Once again, we’re dealing with some of Final Fantasy’s most remarkable re-orchestrations, richly thought out and executed. […] Music is a living material, and even without the games for which it was written, it can be made to tell many memorable stories.”

Final Fantasy World

“Here, no simple acoustic wallpapers were produced, but sophisticated symphonic works telling their own story.”

General-Anzeiger Bonn

Final Symphony is a concert series featuring stunning orchestral suites based on the music from FINAL FANTASY VI, VII and X, originally composed by Nobuo Uematsu and Masashi Hamauzu. Officially licensed by Square Enix and created and produced by Thomas Böcker, Final Symphony has sold out performances and received rave reviews across the globe. Final Symphony offers a new kind of orchestral concert experience, not just for gamers, but for anyone who simply loves beautiful music.

In May 2013, Final Symphony was premiered in Germany by the Wuppertal Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Eckehard Stier. In the same month, the UK premiere of Final Symphony took place with the London Symphony Orchestra, marking the orchestra’s first ever performance of music from video games. Subsequent concerts have been performed in Japan, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, the Netherlands, New Zealand, China, Austria, Australia, Poland, and the United States.

2015 saw the global, digital launch of the Final Symphony album, hitting the number 1 spot on the iTunes Classical Charts in more than ten countries and entering the Classical Album Top 5 of both the Billboard Charts and the Official UK Charts. It was recorded by the London Symphony Orchestra at Abbey Road Studios.

The exclusive arrangements for Final Symphony are by Jonne Valtonen, Roger Wanamo and Masashi Hamauzu.


Final Symphony © & ℗ 2013-2023 Merregnon Studios. Directed and produced by Thomas Böcker. Licensed by Square Enix.
FINAL FANTASY is a registered trademark or trademark of Square Enix Group Co., Ltd.