“The world’s reigning male chorus”

The New Yorker

“These men are phenomenal: as fresh as a blade of grass, tightly focused and keenly expressive.”

New York Times

“They are, to put it directly, one of the world’s best.”

San Francisco Chronicle

“Chanticleer fascinates and enthralls for much the same reason a fine chocolate or a Rolls Royce does: through luxurious perfection.”

Los Angeles Times

“I can’t think of another ‘orchestra of voices’ that can shuttle with such proficiency from Renaissance polyphony to gospel, contemporary classical to jazz.”

Chicago Tribune

“The twelve men on this team of spectacular vocalists handily fill the pews of the church sanctuary every visit because of their stellar artistry and their impressive repertoire of pieces commissioned by Chanticleer or specifically arranged for the capabilities of this elite ensemble….they sing with an incomparable urban—and urbane—joie de vivre.”

San Diego Story

“Among the most versatile and virtuoso singers anywhere. They have style, and they have class. They also have an infallible sense of pitch, a very flexible ensemble and a deeply ingratiating sound.”

Dallas Morning News

“Chanticleer’s stage presence was eye-catching in its precision and its elegance … However, it was the mellifluous singing with its seamless blending of voices and effortless polyphony in Palestrina’s Gaude gloriosa that was more astounding still.”


“America’s a cappella pride and joy.”

Classics Today

“The singing of Chanticleer is breathtaking in its accuracy of intonation, purity of blend, variety of color and swagger of style.”

Boston Globe

“Chanticleer could sing the Turtles’ greatest hits and make them sound like heavenly hosannas. That’s how extraordinary it is, this 12-voice male choir. It produces a sound of sheer beauty. It’s an oasis in a noisy and disturbing world.”

San Jose Mercury News

The GRAMMY® Award-winning vocal ensemble Chanticleer has been hailed as “the world’s reigning male chorus” by The New Yorker, and is known around the world as “an orchestra of voices” for its wide-ranging repertoire and dazzling virtuosity.  Founded in San Francisco in 1978 by singer and musicologist Louis Botto, Chanticleer quickly took its place as one of the most prolific recording and touring ensembles in the world, selling over one million recordings and performing thousands of live concerts to audiences around the world.

Chanticleer’s repertoire is rooted in the renaissance, and has continued to expand to include a wide range of classical, gospel, jazz, popular music, and a deep commitment to the commissioning of new compositions and arrangements. The ensemble has committed much of its vast recording catalogue to these commissions, garnering GRAMMY® Awards for its recording of Sir John Tavener’s “Lamentations & Praises”, and the ambitious collection of commissioned works entitled “Colors of Love”.  Chanticleer is the recipient of the Dale Warland/Chorus America Commissioning Award and the ASCAP/Chorus America Award for Adventurous Programming, and its Music Director Emeritus Joseph H. Jennings received the Brazeal Wayne Dennard Award for his contribution to the African-American choral tradition during his tenure with Chanticleer.

Named for the “clear-singing” rooster in Geoffrey Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, Chanticleer continues to maintain ambitious programming in its hometown of San Francisco, including a large education and outreach program that recently reached over 8,000 people, and an annual concert series that includes its legendary holiday tradition “A Chanticleer Christmas.”