“Audiences to this sound-driven show from the Dutch collective Urland might find themselves transported back to childhood, with its commingling of terror and awe and curiosity. But “Bedtime Stories,” which opened Wednesday, March 2, at Stanford Live’s Frost Amphitheater, achieves still more…’It was a dark and lonesome night,’ the narrator says in a resonant voice, midway between a growl and a purr. Soon footsteps pipe in, and so exquisite is the sound design that you can picture every fine crumb of gravel on which feet fall…Still other feats are lower-tech, depending not on ingenious design or acrobatics of consciousness. As an actor, Dudkiewicz can hold a syllable as if it’s a hot dance partner he can’t bear to let go of just yet. He makes lines of text into sculptor’s clay, fashioning from words ear-pricking peaks and valleys.”

San Francisco Chronicle

“It was a dark and lonesome night…” When was the last time someone told you a bedtime story? Let actor Thomas Dudkiewicz lead you into a strange and brilliantly dark world with Bedtime Stories. Conceived by Dutch collective URLAND, Bedtime Stories celebrates the art of the voice to tell engaging and immersive stories. This pitch-perfect narrated performance takes its inspiration from radio plays, using just Dudkiewicz’s voice and well-timed sound effects to bring to life an enchanting cast of characters. The audience arrives with no expectations except to be transported to an extraordinary world brought to life by one actor.

Meet Lilly, a precocious young girl, her father Max, and doting grandfather George, both master storytellers. Every night before bed, Lilly enters a fantastical universe created just for her, where she encounters a host of strange and menacing creatures. Unforeseen events throw these three generations into a twirling journey through both universes. The final story. The one that lasts a lifetime. Laugh, squirm and dream along as Bedtime Stories catapults towards its unexpected ending, keeping you on edge from scene to scene.

Bedtime Stories was the breakout hit of the Singapore International Festival of Arts and has also fascinated audiences at the Oerol Festival, the Brisbane Festival, and on a tour of Holland.

URLAND Presents Bedtime Stories
Concept & Performance Thomas Dudkiewicz
Director Ludwig Bindervoet
Set & Lighting Design Marijn de Jong
Sound Design Jimi Zoet, Tomas Loos

URLAND is a performance collective. URLAND works autonomously. URLAND knows no hierarchy; there is no director. URLAND designs the set. URLAND creates the sound. URLAND writes the text. URLAND is on stage. URLAND sees technology as a means, not an end. URLAND believes in live art in digital times.