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Acclaim for Andrew von Oeyen with the Atlanta Symphony

“Piano soloist Andrew Von Oeyen joined the orchestra to perform Liszt’s Piano Concerto no. 1 in E flat major. For whatever reason, Liszt’s music seems less frequently performed in US concert halls than it was maybe fifty years ago and this was the first performance of this concerto in Atlanta for seven years. It was incredible! While Von Oeyen is not a particularly animated pianist, his power and musicality are undeniable. He and Villaume were fully together in their conception of this music and they made frequent eye-contact throughout the performance as if to ensure a shared vision. The musicians seemed maximally inspired in their playing, especially notable in the wonderful unison of the silky-sounding violins. In addition to the first-rate piano playing, Villaume imparted a forward momentum to the music from start to finish in a performance that never stagnated nor lost tautness. In response to numerous curtain calls, Von Oeyen treated the audience to a sublime performance of Lizst’s Liebestraum, nuanced with some well-placed rubatos.”

“Atlanta audiences last hear von Oeyen just over a year ago in an impressive solo recital at Spivey Hall which included a body of French music and another big work by Liszt: the mighty Sonata in B minor. It was an impressive performance that was insightful and colorful.

Von Oeyen brought the same impressive power and musicianship to Thursday’s performance of the Piano Concerto No. 1. He and Villaume were a good match, seemingly symbiotic in inspiration and lively execution, with the orchestra musicians fully in league with them. The performance had am energy and momentum that never stalled or stagnated. Afterward, von Oeyen returned to the stage with more Liszt as an exquisite encore: the highly popular Liebestraum.”