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Review: Sheléa dazzles on Four Arts stage with tribute songs

From the Palm Beach Post

By Sarah Hutchings

Singer Shelea gives powerful performance in tribute concert to Alan and Marilyn Bergman, on Wednesday at The Society of the Four Arts in Palm Beach.

Sheléa came to the Four Arts stage on Wednesday with an evening concert of songs by Alan and Marilyn Bergman, creating a tribute to this amazing lyricist-songwriter team.

Sheléa immediately demonstrates that she is a versatile artist, seamlessly flowing between any genre with a natural, unassisted vocal technique that amazes as well as soothes the soul. Her voice lives in a higher tessitura, and she dominates in the dramatic key changes, leaning into the sound to belt her high note. With a powerful and even vibrato, the command of the voice is evident in her performance.

Sheléa is an artist all of her own, no comparisons are needed. She knows the vocalisms of the artists who have made these songs famous, but that just shows her exceedingly high level of musicianship. She does not compromise her original sound to pander, and she will sing the lights out all night long on anything you throw at her (not to mention her talents as a songwriter and creative in her own right).

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