Owning My Age

Yo-Yo Ma

Every 10 years, I think we all need a reboot. At 59, I'm on the verge of another. I will always be 17 in my head, but I don't want that sensibility to dominate my every day. Today I feel more mortal than when I was 20, but I still as the same existential question: What does it all mean? 

I am always looking for meaning in what I do - trying to understand how cello playing fits into the world. I love playing, and I want to play well and stay in great shape as long as I possibly can. 

For me, defining moments are those when I feel I am entirely present, experiencing a situation with my whole being rather than, say, just from a professional perspective. That realization deepens and becomes clearer with time. When you're young, it's easier to feel conflicted about life. Wholeness comes gradually.  

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