Futuristic Musical Instruments That Are Now Real


For some, a Stradivarius still is the gold standard for instrument design, but for a new crop of innovators there isroom for improvement. These tinkerers have fashioned new models of organs, pianos, string instruments,percussion and horns, merging state-of-the-art materials and modern technology with traditional ones. As a result, here are high-tech instruments that seem to come straight out of a science fiction movie:

Maya Beiser’s Electric Cello Cellist Maya Beiser is known for her cutting-edge performances for which she’s been compared to rock ‘n roll stars. She took the comparison one step further for her cello opera Elsewhere. In the middle of the piece, she leaves her traditional wooden instrument and goes electric. Her high-tech Yamaha cello with a sleek outline of the instrument attached to a fingerboard, made the performance seem even more revolutionary.  

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