Review: Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra

Simone Porter
Fort Worth Star-Telegram

By Olin Chism

The Barber work of the evening was his Violin Concerto, with Simone Porter as the soloist. This is a work of much beauty, and in recent years shows definite signs of becoming a permanent member of the violin repertoire.

Porter proved to be a master of the work, with lovely playing and virtuoso chops in the spectacular final movement. She got a well-deserved ovation.

Franco scored again with the final work of the evening, Shostakovich’s Symphony No. 9. This is a work for those who dislike Shostakovich’s music. In striking contrast to the gloom and bombast so characteristic of his earlier symphonies, No. 9 is a hoot, with music that is close to laugh-out-loud witty and irrepressibly high spirited (it’s also short).

Franco and the orchestra gave a performance that was full of personality and undoubtedly left many in attendance in a better mood when they left than when they came in.

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