Music review: RSNO Europe Tour

Peter Oundjian
The Scotsman

Peter Oundjian kicked off (or almost) his tenure as the Royal Scottish National Orchestra’s music director with an international tour – an energetic five-stop New Year trip to China just a few months into the role. And only weeks before his final season concert with the orchestra, he’s led the players overseas again, this time on a more laid-back but no less whistlestop tour across Europe, covering five cities, four countries and five concerts in five days – and joined, as on previous tours, by violinist Nicola Benedetti. ... »

Calidore String Quartet makes gorgeous Philadelphia debut in Caroline Shaw works

Calidore String Quartet
Philadelphia Inquirer

In Caroline Shaw’s Entr’acte, the string quartet is asked to sound nothing like a string quartet. They create an airy effect several notches below a whisper. Two players tick-tock while the other two chime. We pass through a section in which Philip Glass meets Harold in Italy, and then move on to some instrumental moans and sighs.

It was the Calidore String Quartet bringing these sounds Sunday afternoon to a Philadelphia Chamber Music Society concert. The performance marked the local debut of both the work and this gorgeous young ensemble. ... »

Conductor candidate Daniel Meyer homes in on Russian favorites

Portland Press Herald

For the fastidious, it might have made sense for the Portland Symphony Orchestra to have ended its season with Robert Moody’s valedictory concerts, thereby drawing a neat line under his tenure before taking off for the summer. But whether by design or happenstance, the orchestra took a more interesting approach, scheduling one more classical program after Moody’s farewell. Instead of waiting until fall to begin the post-Moody era, it has moved decisively forward.
The main job at hand, of course, is selecting Moody’s successor. With one of the original four finalists having dropped out to take another post, three contenders remain, two of whom – Ken-David Masur and Eckart Preu – have already led the orchestra in both classical and pops programs. The third, Daniel Meyer, conducted a pops program last month and returned on Sunday afternoon to present his bona fides in the classical repertory, with an all-Russian program at Merrill Auditorium. ... »