La Pasión según San Marcos Re-Released on Deutsche Grammophon

Osvaldo Golijov

Prolific composer Osvaldo Golijov has released a brand-new recording on Deutsche Grammophon of the epic La Pasión según San Marcos. First recorded 10 years ago at the work's premiere in Stuttgart, La Pasión sets Christ's betrayal, death, and last days amidst the streets of Latin America. The new recording highlights how La Pasión has evolved into a more assured, monumental piece. It deftly exploits the popular appeal and emotional immediacy of samba, salsa, flamenco, mambo, and the elemental vigor of folk and popular motifs.

The recording also contains a DVD featuring a live performance at the 2008 Holland Festival. To watch a trailer and learn more about La Pasión según San Marcos, visit Deutsche Grammophon's website.