Program 1 includes Max Richter's Recomposed. Program 2 is a Tribute to Yehudi Menuhin.

Zurich Chamber Orchestra & Daniel Hope, Zurich Tonhalle, February 2015
“Johann Sebastian Bach’s sublime Double Concerto for Two Violins…is ­considered a quintessential late Baroque composition and is certainly one of the composer’s most famous works. The two violins’ highly expressive play means that they often share their material in close alteration, weaving textures that are markedly human for their tenderness and compassion. While the two soloists were equal musical partners in the second movement, the Largo, Hope made elaborate variations on the subtle harmonies, repetitions and rich fabric of the familiar score…The crowd loved the performance. Hope gave the Tonhalle audience a shot in the arm, even relying on an iPad for his notation rather than a traditional printed score. In sum, though, while what I saw and heard was a superbly virtuoso violinist, this was one with a healthy portion of rock star and block-buster film score specialist in the mix.” BachTrack ... read full bio