Sichuan Opera Theater of Sichuan Province, a world-class performing arts group and National First Class Theater, celebrated for a multitude of artistic achievements around the globe, was founded in 1960 in the southwest of China. In the more than 40 years since, the theater has created over 200 outstanding plays including "The Legend of the White Snake (Bai She Zhuan)," "Story of an Embroidered Dress (Xiu Ru Ji)," and "Fu Nu's Story (Fu Nu Zhuan)"; numerous new historical dramas such as "He Qin Ji," "Wo Hu Ling," and "Moon at Emei Mountain (Emei Shan Yue)"; and various folk tale dramas including "Wang Niang Beach (Wang Niang Tan)," "Bian Lian," "Mrs. Captaincy  Dong Shijun (Du Du Fu Ren Dong Shijun)," and "Xiucai from Bashan (Ba Shan Xiucai)." 

The theater cultivates and fosters a large, talented and professional cast who individually have achieved great artistic feats. Among these, the winner of the "Wenhua Performance Award" and the "Second Plum Blossom Award" Chen Zhilin; winners of the "Wenhua Performance Award" and "Magnolia Award" Ren Tingfang, Yang Tao, and Jian Xiaoli; and winners of the "Wenhua Director Award" Zhang Kaiguo and Liu Zhongyi. The cast also features expert director Qiu Mingrui; first-class stage designers Yang Chenglin, Li Shan, and Ye Jian; actors and actresses who have been awarded the Chinese drama "Plum Blossom Award" Gu Xiaoqin, He Ling, Li Sha, Cui Guangli; and many more ... read full bio