Since 1979, Imago has been creating transformative theater that crosses boundaries traditionally associated with language, age and the physical realm. None other than the New York Times said of their work: “Theater like this opens the eyes to the possibilities of exploration in the vast realm of imagination.” The company’s trademark style – which combines masks, dance and slapstick with witty social commentary on the human condition – is the direct result of over thirty years of study, development, and practice. Not easily pigeon-holed, Imago has repeatedly proven unique in its ability to create both popular family-oriented fare as highly regarded as its critically acclaimed (and ambitious) productions for adults.

Imago has toured globally for over three decades, with numerous multi-national visits to Asia and Europe. Two of the company’s most lauded production, FROGZ and ZooZoo, have played at Broadway’s esteemed New Victory Theatre while another, No Exit, was revived at Harvard’s American Repertory Theatre and the Hartford Stage Company. ... read full bio