For the first time in over 35 years, the acclaimed ­Imago ­Theatre has created a new fairy tale experience for ­audiences of all ages. La Belle, Lost in the World of the ­Automaton ­meshes ­elements of steampunk and ­automata with the ­original ­classic La Belle et la Bête.

Set aboard a steamship circa 1920 La Belle is the ­unlikely love story of the ship’s coal stoker (Sam Stoker) and one of the vacationers on the ship (Lady Rose). When she takes ­refuge from a storm while on deck Rose finds ­herself in Sam’s ­engine room far below. She is drawn to a myriad of trunks and treasures accumulated there, ­including objects of Sam’s own creation and discovers that he has ­constructed the story of La Belle et la Bête in the world of the automata (figurines brought to life by the ingenuity of clockwork mechanics). She also knows the story ­Beauty and the Beast and soon joins him in the telling. They ­become friends, beautifully melding the real and fantasy worlds while playing the characters of Belle and the Beast, and beyond their control they fall in love. Like a giant toy containing moving gears, ­machines and a ­backdrop of a whimsical ship, the physical set is a kinetic and ­animated environment from which over a 100 effects, puppets and ­automata emerge to tell this magical tale ... read full bio